Lao PDR - Department of Meteorology and Hydrology

National Early Warning Centre

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The Greater Mekong Sub-Region (GMS) Flood and Drought Management and Mitigation Project supports the Government of Lao PDR to undertake structural and non-structural measures to prepare for and manage disaster risks linked to floods and droughts. Project interventions, as formulated in the Terms of reference are: (i) enhance regional data and knowledge for the management of floods and droughts; (ii) upgrade or develop water management infrastructure; and (iii) prepare communities to manage disasters such as flood and drought and adapt to climate change.

Floods and droughts have great impact on social, environmental and economic conditions in urban and rural Laos. Reliable hydro-meteorological data and the development of an effective early warning system are essential to mitigate the losses from flood and drought disasters. To achieve this goal, improvement of the hydro-meteorological network, effective data transmission and management system, development of forecasting models, early warning and public awareness, as well as effective communication system are necessary.

Two priority basins for hydro-meteorological data collection and early warning system development: The Sebangfai and the Sebanghieng River Basins. These two basins are among the most flood affected river basins in Lao PDR.

The Early Warning System Mechanisms are an integrated set of steps starting from the (i) the data acquisition from the field stations, (ii) the treatment of the information through the operational hydro-meteorological model and (iii) the delivery of the information to the relevant authorities with appropriate messages and appropriate supports.

The data processing system, the modelling tools and the web portal have been integrated in order to get a process that is automatized to the maximum in order to provide information to the end-users the most timely and reliably.

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